The Lakeland Pudding Company

We are the Lakeland Pudding Company created in the Lake District national park. Our aim is to produce the best if not greatest Dairy Free and Gluten Free puddings the world has ever tasted.

Who Created Us?

The Lakeland Pudding Company was born in the pound family kitchen in backbarrow during the spring months of 2017. since then we have moved to a slight bigger kitchen as our home was a bit to small to keep up with the demand. Rachel, Michael, Bob and Mark are looking to bring proper puddings that are dairy free and gluten free to all.

Why Create The Lakeland Pudding Company?

Michael became unwell out of the blue. After lots of trips backwards and forwards from hospital, Michael was finally diagnosed with an intolerance to both dairy and gluten.

This all of a sudden made it very difficult to eat out or in. Luckly we own and run the Rusland Pool hotel located in the south lakes. With our fantastic team we began creating tasty food that Michael could eat.

Soon we had created a large dairy free, gluten free menu of over 69 options, which became very popular with Michael and our customers in the south lakes.

Our customers start to ask to take away the puddings and we began to produce them as an individual product.

To find out the whole story go click How It All Started

We have spent years perfecting our puddings so take a look Here or maybe even shop around in our online store and find your desired Gluten and Dairy Free Products.

More Dairy and Gluten Free Products arriving shortly so keep checking back to see whats new.

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You can find our products at the Rusland Pool Hotel.

More stockist coming soon.